A place I have been meaning to try, Laut didn't disappoint and their Lunch menu was so utterly satisfying and really quite a steal. At $29, the 3-course set came with soup of the day and a choice of coffee or kombucha. 

The star of the show was, of course, the main and I had their BBQ Fish Rice. Prepared like a Sambal Stingray, the slab of grilled fish belly was slathered with a spicy paste which really delivered in flavour. For someone who can’t handle spice like me, it was a little over my threshold but the heat and the aromatics certainly made the dish moreish. The silky-smooth, juicy and tender flesh of the perfectly cooked protein was superb too and its freshness was not overshadowed by the sambal in my opinion. The fluffy omelette and fragrant blue pea flower rice were great on their own and added to the whole experience as well. Even the pickled greens served as a nice accompaniment to cut the richness and offered some crunch to the plate.