Definitely one of the most enjoyable stay home meal I’ve had in awhile! Slightly pricey but everything was delicious, surprisingly travelled well. Even the chilli was so darn good.

Unanimous favourite would be the Ayam Panggang. The grilled chicken was tender, smoky and the sauce was fragrant! We also enjoyed the addictively earthy Sotong keluak, which while flavourful, seems milder than most keluak dishes so it’s a good place to start for the uninitiated.

I’ve always loved hee peow soup and chap chye, and the ones here was also undoubtedly good (probably could’ve easily finished it by myself 😛) Ngoh hiang was generously stuffed, juicy and I liked that I could taste the water chestnut! The beef rendang was a tad oily but tender, aromatic and not spicy.

They’re currently waiving 10% off service charge for the month of June.