A really nice and affordable dessert option with Burrple Beyond with similar product and concept to llao llao.

Opted for a Classic (yogurt or ice cream with 2 toppings) and was recommended the Ferrero or Bueno sauces — the former seems more like dark chocolate with nuts instead of milk chocolate, but was a good contrast to the yogurt — whilst the latter is on the sweeter side, much like the filling of Kinder Bueno bars.

We tried both the yogurt and ice cream option, but preferred the slightly sour yogurt which wet our appetite better. Ice cream was gluten-free and a similar texture to the yogurt, just not sour. Felt a bit jelat after awhile. Maybe better accompanied with fruit toppings.

Overall a 4/5 for the yogurt option, 2/5 for ice cream. Will patronize again:)