It was just a couple of weeks back when I decided to bake again and this time round I baked the Lemon Cookies with Lemon Glaze.

It was pretty good i say, just a little too sweet and I should probably cut down on the sugar the next time I bake these cookies.

The Lemon Cookies alone was fantastic and sweet enough, which makes the Lemon Glaze pretty much redundant. Having said that, the Lemon Glaze is a good add-on for those of you who have extremely high sugar tolerance and sweet tooth cravings. But I'll suggest to reduce the amount of powdered sugar used in the glaze.

For those of you who are interested in baking some lemon cookies, do check out this recipe that i've used:

P.S. I doubled the amount for lemon juice and zests for both the cookies and glaze, and it was just right for me. Can't say the same for you but i love mine just the way it is ☺️💕