Other than TOP 1 in beauty world centre, this place is another favourite of mine for handmade noodles, particularly Mee Hoon Kuay. Hand stretched and pulled into pieces, the noodles are very chewy and full of bite. Have it dry, and tossed in dark sauce and Chili, it is definitely yummy. Well balanced of the sweet and spicy, and savoury from the well fried ikan bilis, I can understand why office crowd love this.
Take note that if you like heat, it's better to go for TOP 1 Noodles.
The spam fries isn't my favourite, maybe because the luncheon meat used isn't the great. And that fried niangao wasn't that yummy too, maybe because the flour was too overwhelming and thick that it takes away the taste of the niangao. Proportion wasn't done right. So just stick to their mains.