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Went back to Zazz pizza and it didn’t disappoint! The red-based Parma Burrata pizza has generous amounts of parma ham, topped with arugula and parmesan shavings and finished with a creamy burrata in the middle. Their pizzas here are particularly delicious because of how fluffy and bready the crust is, achieved by fermenting the dough for a few days. Despite it’s breadiness, it’s still chewy and quite light, making it the perfect vessel for the pizza toppings. The pizza was a bit too saucy last time I went, resulting in the middle of the pizza becoming soggy, but it was perfect this time.

Overall a great experience again! Booked through @hungrygowhere so I managed to get a seat inside (recommended since they have limited seating). What they lack in decor they make up for in the quality of their food. Can’t emphasise how much I like their pizza dough!