Unless I’ve got it all wrong, this is the final week that the crazy collab between @meatsmith.xpress.sg & @veronicaphua will be available. So make it down to either @meatsmith_sg outlet lickety split & get yourself a ludicrous burger that shouldn’t work, but it does.⠀

The Laksa Lobster Burger ($22++) is absolutely unprecedented. Sure, high end hotel restaurants have been loading lobsters into the normally humble yet hearty spicy soup of satiation for years, but putting laksa into a burger? That’s a bold strategy Cotton, and it pays off for ‘em. Colossal chunks of impeccably tandoori roasted lobster tail are inundated in a ludicrously luxurious laksa gravy, garnished with a smattering of sprouts & crispy pork lard before the deal is sealed with two halves of a toasted brioche bun from @burntends_sg.⠀

The brioche bun was far firmer than expected of a brioche, and was texturally more akin to standard white bread with the decent amount of bite that it has. As for the laksa gravy...oh brother. It’s the richest, most luscious laksa gravy I’ve ever had, and even that’s an understatement. It’s decently spicy, and it’s enhanced by the chili butter. Plus, it’s pleasantly perfumed with the scent of laksa leaves, lemongrass & other scintillating spices within the excellent elixir.⠀

The crispy deep fried lard & fresh beansprouts added the classic charm of a brilliant bowl of laksa into the burger, injecting a familiar element into the potpourri of piquancy. The julienned cucumbers that have been marinated with laksa leaves do inject a bit of levity into the otherwise extravagant burger. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work from the cucumbers.⠀

All in all, this is a ridiculously redolent burger, and you definitely should grab it before it’s gone. Preferably order it while dining in, but takeaway & delivery of this beaut of a burger is available too.⠀