The Welcome bites and savoury items from their afternoon tea set are surprisingly better than sweet items. While the classic roasted beef sandwich with Horseradish sauce is tasty, the beetroot macaron with House cured salmon and sour creme is a unique combination.

Welcome items: Garden Herb Garlic tuile, Rosemary coral tuile and lobster cone.

Savoury items:
1. Foie gras delight: pancake coated foie gras with Banyuls shallots.
2. Land meets Sea: beetroot macaron with House cured Atlantic Salmon and sour creme.
3. The Cracker: crab meet grissini, ginger & Lemongrass, curry Cappuccino.
4. The Seawave: Sea urchin creme with sliced Granny Smith and shaved Bottarga.
5. The Classic: Roasted beef sandwich with Horseradish sauce.