This is probably what Ng Kim Lee is most famous for, and they proudly display a newspaper clipping featuring their muffins right above the muffin display.

Although there are a variety of flavours to pick from, including original, chocolate, Oreo, banana, pandan, cheese, walnut and lemon, I didn’t detect strong tastes in any of the muffins to distinguish their flavours. Might be an effect of them being packed with the banana flavoured muffin, but they all ended up tasting like a mix between plain-banana. They’re still an affordable and comforting little treat anyway, and super worth it at 60 cents! Get a minimum of 6 pieces if you want them to pack it in a box for you (yes clearly I couldn’t resist popping one in my mouth before realising I forgot to snap a photo 😂). The muffins are soft, moist and cake-like, not too dense, and not too sweet. Not much more you can ask for, and I always make sure to buy some when I pass by!

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