If you wanna come here for the 1 for 1 Wagyu, don’t even bother.The Auntie that helped us literally said they never had it and will never have it for the foreseeable future. She may be the owner and only speaks to you in mandarin

Instead they tell you to get the other steak on the menu. We asked for medium rare and we ended up with a well done piece of rubber of the lowest quality piece of beef ever.

The 1 for 1 on the menu says it comes with a drink but unless you argue with them they won’t give it to you and they tell you it’s for the main only. When they finally give you the drink, it’s like the quarter of a can portion you get on an airplane.

This place is like western food at a hawker stall that for some reason is now in this complex. The other review on burple is probably fake. I cannot imagine anyone paying full price without Burpple at this place. Even with Burpple it was a complete ripoff and terrible experience