First time trying NIAN GAO WAFFLES & I love it! 🧇❤️ Crispy along the edges with chewy glutinous rice cake embedded within the light batter, the waffle is best enjoyed warm for that SUPPPPPPPER STRETCHY pull! Would recommend finding a kaki to share, cos it's actually quite huge. If that's not enough for you, you can request an extra layer of nian gao and ask them to bake longer for extra crispiness! 

Went for the "Duck Shit" Oolong 鴨屎香 ice cream, which (thankfully) tastes and smells nothing like its namesake. 😆🦆 Rather, it carried a prominent roasted tea taste with floral notes! Also enjoyed the contrasting sourness of the Roselle Smoked Plum flavour, which paired well with the sweetness of the nian gao and chocolate sauce.