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Behold the aftermath of toasting and tearing apart the Houjicha Cruffin from Bread Yard. There’s probably no way to eat this without getting down and dirty as the lava filling oozes out.

This is basically a croissant made into a muffin with a molten Houjicha interior, and a Houjicha bo lo bao-esque crust. It’s been dipped into caster sugar too.

I guess the way to eat it is to heat it up first, so that the interior gets all gooey. While we were super hyped up after smelling the Houjicha and seeing all the lava ooze out, we were disappointed with the taste. The croissant texture is on point, but the Houjicha filling was bland despite its lovely olive green colour and specks of Houjicha tea leaves. The star of the cruffin was he Houjicha crust, which really smells and tastes of Houjicha.

Would not order this again!