Lots of songs of praise on their homepage, so my expectations were pretty high. Even with the Burpple 1-for-1, these 2 cups ran up to $10, which is just about the ballpark of Daily Scoop Udders and the usual gang of ice creameries.
Beyond the pricing, the ice cream was also not compelling enough for me to remember details about it, much more to convince me of making it a regular haunt. As an avid sesame ice cream kinda guy, their sesame had a well roasted profile without being overtly sweet, but that’s about it really nothing to shout about over here. The chocolate wasn’t the usual dark, strong and aggressive tasting kind that is overpoweringly sweet, which is a welcome exchange as it was subtle and tasty. The other two was alright.
Perhaps I don’t have the tongue for them artisanal homemade gelato things, but in my opinion for the pricing the desserts were okay.
Taste: 7
Value: 6
Expectations: 9
Reality: 6
Overall: 6.5