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Sunday folks is a nice place to enjoy a tea break or a cup of coffee. Well-known for their waffles, the cakes are slightly less popular, but I would definitely go back for their cakes anytime rather than the waffles.

The waffles are delicious, however, I personally feel that there are quite limited ice cream choices to go with the waffles, and after going back a few times, I’ve gotten quite sick of the waffles and the same few ice cream flavours. But occasionally they come up with some seasonal flavours such as the strawberry, which is refreshing especially in Singapore's weather.

In my last visit, I tried the dark chocolate cognac cake and the lemon lavender cake ($9 each). The dark chocolate cognac cake was very rich and the taste of the cognac was distinct. The cake was moist and went very well with coffee. As for the lemon lavender cake, I was hesitant to order at first, as it looked dry and I had imagined it to be a crumbly cake. However, it was served warm and was actually very moist. The combination of lemon and lavender complimented each other and the cake went very well with a cup of tea. Both cakes were not too sweet and the portions were just nice.

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