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My dad opted to try the hand-pulled noodles in soup as we thought it was the Korean equivalent of mee hoon kueh. There’s the option for spicy or non-spicy soup, as well as what ingredients you want in your soup.

Unfortunately, the noodles were not like mee hoon kueh. They seemed more like thinly sliced tteokbokki/rice cakes, and had a very floury, rubbery texture. They were not bad, but not what we were expecting, so I can’t say we really liked it overall. There’s some cucumbers and mushrooms in the soup, and the seafood option comes with prawns, so it’s a little bit more of a balanced meal, but just barely so. Perhaps our favourite part of this dish was the spicy soup. It was flavourful, and when they say spicy, they mean it. It’s a gradual and slow burn because the spiciness doesn’t hit you at first. As you keep taking spoonfuls of the soup, the spiciness builds up to induce a sweat. Shiok! Probably wouldn’t order these noodles again, but maybe the kalguksu with spicy broth would be worth a shot the next time.