Who goes to a steakhouse and orders seafood? Me… total regrets. I didn't even order my favourite thing to try… pork ribs because the seafood was at the top of the page and just sounded so appealing. Plus this was more expensive than the ribs so I thought maybe it might taste better? 😂 The ribs seemed too cheap compared with everything else to taste good hehe.
Ugh… why did they put this at the top of the menu. Menu design matters. I guess this was ok though. Nothing outstanding and I still want to try the baby back ribs which I was planning to get till I saw the menu.
Nonetheless, the dining experience at Lawry's is terrific. The type of dining places I enjoy. 🙊 The complimentary "famous" spinning salad was probably the most disappointing thing of the night. Why is it famous? Just because the bowl spins while they're making it?
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