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Got the opportunity to check out the new Uptown Nasi Lemak which has sprouted up at the coffeeshop situated at 121 Telok Ayer Street recently (the same one where the $1 Peanut Pancake is located). Serving up Nasi Lemak with a variety of seafood and meat options, patrons going for the Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah can go with either the Drumstick or Thigh option at $5.50, or the entire Leg at $6.50.

Thought that the rice here is fluffy, and while the rice did carry a slight lemak note, it would have been even better if it could carry a heavier hint of coconut for more punch. Otherwise, the meat was pretty good; crisp on the exterior and juicy and succulent within, the chicken comes with hints of spice such as turmeric and lemongrass for a more complex, yet fragrant note, while it also comes with crispy Ikan Bilis for a crunch, half-boiled egg, cucumbers, sambal and achar. The sambal here is not quite the sweet variant we would usually associate with local renditions of Nasi Lemak, but is the savoury-sweet sort that is more reminiscent to Malaysia-style versions with caramelised onions and soft Ikan Bilis for a bite – carried quite a decent intensity of heat that should be manageable to most with a low to moderate level of tolerance to spiciness, while the achar gives a tangy and refreshing crunch to reset the taste buds from all the carbs and meat. Pretty decent, though more of an option I would consider only if in the area.

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