Popeyes Singapore has brought back the fan favourite Ghost Pepper Chicken, but with a twist this time round! Available for a limited time only from today till 19th July 2021, the Hot N’ Cheesy Ghost Pepper Chicken features a sauce that is a blend of Ghost Pepper and Cheese, then sprinkled with cheese crumbs. I really like how the spicy and savoury combination blended so well together, it left me wanting more (even though I almost ‘died’ from the heat of the ghost pepper 😂)!

The Hot N’ Cheesy Ghost Pepper Chicken is available in several set meal combos, one of which is the Hot N’ Cheesy Combo ($10.90), which includes 2pc Hot N' Cheesy Ghost Pepper Chicken, Large Cajun Fries, Thai Tea biscuit (drizzled with Thai Milk Tea Sauce), and a regular Sjora drink. The sweetness of the Thai Tea biscuit and Sjora drink helps to balance out the spiciness from the chicken. Prices for the set meals start from $8.90 onwards. Download the Popeyes SG App or hop on to popeyesdeliver.com.sg to place your order today!