[Keong Siak] We are all living in such a high-paced society that makes us neglect all the simple things in life. From time to time, we should take a well deserved break, sip some kopi, have some toast and just watch the world goes by. One such place that I will recommend is the iconic Tong Ah Eating House that serves some pretty darn good quintessential coffee and toast, or you can call it the Chinese "brunch" to make it sound cooler. The art of making coffee though the sock and scrapping off the burnt bits from the toast using the sharp edges of a milk can top dates back to many years and this practice is still being applied today at Tong Ah. No need for any eggs benedict, waffles or pancakes, you just need to order a set of crispy thin toast kaya or fresh toast with kaya, soft boiled eggs and a cup of kopi. After which, sit by the roadside table and appreciate the simple things that mean something. #hawkerpedia