I have gotta be honest; I was quite skeptical when I first heard of a vegan cafe. I was expecting clean, healthy but bland tasting food but the selections here threw me off and proved me wrong!

The Mushroom Tofu Ciabatta ($9.90) came with a huge thick slab of nicely grilled tofu sandwiched between a soft and lightly toasted ciabatta. The real star of the show, however, was the special homemade dressing that oozes a very umami taste that went really well with the huge tofu slab. I found myself wondering what the spread contained, it was really good! The fresh veggies that came atop the tofu added a nice crunch too.

The Iced Shaken Mixed Berries Earl Grey w/ Strawberry Pearls ($6.50) was a welcoming treat! Refreshing and tangy, this was perfect after the walk that I took from the bus stop to cafe. They were not kidding when they said Strawberry Pearls too; they tasted like actual strawberry bits!

I finished off the meal with a Matchaffagato. The matcha here, using high-quality @naokimatcha matcha, was super thick and it's bitterness complemented perfectly with the mildly sweet vegan vanilla gelato. No wonder so many ordered this!

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