Came here for lunch after our walk.

I ordered the Hiyashi Soba with Truffle Shoyu ($12.90). Cold noodle topped with shredded cucumber, crabmeat, tamago, pork, cherry tomato and tobiko with truffle soy sauce at the side that tasted more like sesame dressing with a hint of truffle taste. Noodle was served at an optimum temperature and each element had a distinct taste. You could taste the sweet crabmeat, egg etc... and it all came together nicely with the savoury truffle soy sauce. Overall it was good.

Salmon Mentai Roll ($16) which is at the back of the photo. Salmon on topped of sushi rice wrapping a tempura and topped with a slightly spicy cod roe sauce before being blow torched. What you get is an umami flavoured sushi with silky smooth salmon and crunchy bits of tempura. Really good.

We also asked for the waitress recommendation of which she recommended the tontoro miso yaki, chicken skin skewer, chicken wing skewer and chicken ball skewer.

The tontoro miso yaki or miso-grilled pork cheek ($12). Pork could have been more flavourful and miso taste wasn't prominent so maybe that's why there's miso paste at the side. Quite disappointing

Chicken skin ($2.20) was crispy but lacked flavour.
Chicken wing skewer ($3.50) could have used more seasoning as it tasted quite mild.
Chicken ball skewers ($3.50) had bits of soft bones in it which was quite nice as it gave the ball some texture to bite on. Flavour wise also could use more seasoning or maybe they made it like that on purpose as it was topped with a savoury mentai sauce.

Overall this place do serve nice food but depending on what you order and from my experience, best not to ask for recommendations.