Beef, egg and rice. That’s all you really need for a simple yet scintillating dish. @chirashikingkong offers their version for $12.90 nett, which is a killer deal especially in the city area.⠀

A prodigious, perfectly poached egg is begging to be popped & mixed in with the terrific truffle infused rice. Arrayed atop the bed of rice, the numerous slices of skilfully seared beef sukiyaki are sufficiently seasoned and lightly drizzled with some tasty teriyaki sauce. The delectable beef is delicious enough with plain rice, but it’s paired up with Chirashi King Kong’s trademarked truffled rice & an explosive egg for a combo that’s way outta sight.⠀

This Yakiniku Bowl sounds far too simple, but it’s all that’s needed for a gluttonous good time that won’t leave you destitute. Yakiniku? More like Yuminiku, fam.