About 3 months old, this newly opened hotpot is just off the main stretch of Tanjong Katong eateries (where there are also 2-3 wannabe hotpot places).

Similar presentation, quality and service to the ever-popular Beauty in a Pot, without the queues (and all the weird bowing). Price range is also similar (about $50/pax) but it offers generous eatigo discounts if you are willing to eat at odd hours. Great for groups as there are comfy booth seats for 4-6 pax as well as larger round tables.

As you should know, any legit sichuan hotpot always has 酥肉 (pictured) and this one is superbly well fried and tender- you can eat it as is, or dip it in the soup base. The chilli covered beef skewers are another authentic thing I seldom see in Singapore wannbe-sichuan hotpot restos (only 同心如意 has them). Plus points for another great addition to the East.
🚗 : convenient and plentiful ERP (unsheltered) parking on the opposide side of the overhead bridge (in front of Canadian international school)