We decided to stop by Pipes by Hattendo for lunch today as we saw snippets of their mouth-watering offerings on Burpple! Hattendo's lunch menu currently focuses on sandos (Japanese katakana for sandwiches), and we decided to try the Tamago and Potato Salad sandwich since it reminds us of the delicious egg sandwiches we could get from Lawson in Japan.

Hattendo's sandwiches certainly didn't disappoint - Each sandwich comes with an ajitsuke egg (aka the ramen egg) which was perfectly done, with a yolk that was half-solid and half-watery! Underneath the egg, you can find potato salad made in-house at Hattendo! This is not your normal potato salad, however, as a small amount of truffle oil has been drizzled over it to make the sandwich really fragrant. To top it off, Hattendo's bread was toasted and buttered (the buttered bread is Hattendo's house specialty as well), which made it crispy and mouth-watering at the same time!

For only $14++, do give this a try! However, we would highly encourage you to share this with someone as the egg and potato salad can be pretty heavy/gelat and you may get full quite easily. If you are on Burpple Beyond, you may want to visit between Tues and Fri in order to enjoy 30% off on your entire bill 😁

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