The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with a lovely Russian decor. I ordered the Combo Platter ($19.90), which featured an assortment of 12 dumplings, Borscht ($9.90), which is a hearty portion of beef and beetroot soup, and Medovik ($8.90), Slavic layered honey cake.

The dumplings featured beef, chicken, pork and lamb, and various combinations of the meats. There were also 3 vegetarian dumplings, and the platter was served with sour cream. The skins of the dumplings were thick and smooth, and the variety of fillings made the platter an interesting treat of flavours. 12 dumplings seemed like a small portion, but do not underestimate them; they are pretty filling!

The Borscht was surprisingly light despite the hefty portion of cream on top, and the light beetroot served as a nice counterbalance to the chunks of beef. The soup was delightfully sweet and sour, and it is a very good entry into Russian/Ukranian cuisine.

A slice of Medovik was extremely filling, as the cake was decadent and sweet, dense and packed with flavour. I would recommend sharing a slice of this popular Russian dessert, as it might be too much for one to handle after a filling meal.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to finally get to try Russian cuisine. I would definitely return to try out other dishes!

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