From Houhou; a new stall at Pasarbella Suntec serving up more Chinese-style dishes with a pretty cute caricature branding — the stall replaces now-defunct Grilllo (yes, I feel your pain guys) and also serves up Glutinous Rice Suckling Pig and Roasted Meats.

Tried both the Boneless Chicken, Mixed Vegetables with Thick Chicken Broth (background) and the Crabmeat with Superior Broth (foreground) Poached Rice Bowl Soups which are essentially what they call their 泡饭 inspired offerings — preferred the former for the chicken broth that overall felt a little bit more wholesome and comforting with amazingly tender and succulent chunks of chicken; the sort of food one would crave for on those sickly days. The latter was a little less outstanding; no doubt the superior broth does carry enough flavour, but it’s missing that sweetness from the crabmeat that could have elevated the flavours further. Rice Krispies are included for a crunch; portions are a little huge for me though was manageable for another friend — best to be shared if you are not a particularly carb-y person.