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Get the classic! The Asian don’t need to bother. The sauce was a dry paste so it didn’t really cover the patty. Didn’t taste wasabi or siracha mayo. The patty still has a funky aftertaste, definitely did not fool me to think it was meat. The slaw had not much taste, should be pickled for more flavor. The burger was much smaller than the classic.

Sorry my dear friends who I’ve misled to try the Asian. For those who try tomorrow, go for the classic! At least the cold veggies problem is solved.

Overall the beyond burger patty had good chewiness but was very dry. You need a good vehicle of melted cheese and lots of flavorful sauce to enhance the experience. Personally, it doesn’t satisfy my meat craving, nor was it better than veggie patties I get from Trader Joe’s or the classic Indonesian seitan.

P.S. the burger shrank from day 1. I can eat 1.5 of them or even 2. Went with my friends for dinner round 2 cos it was just not satisfying. And everyone was so desperate for a drink, why? There’s not supposed to be any MSG in the patty!!!

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