Great food, great service, nice and cozy environment - a wholesome dining experience!
It comes with a high price but with the experience, it's a worth place to visit and dine in with a group of friends (recommended 3-4 pax)

Roasted Bone Marrow, Grilled Ox Tongue, Spicy Crispy Pig's Ear, and Uni Lardo & Caviar Toast.
They all are a great starter before the main star: taste light and fills you at a just nice level. The Pig's ear and Ox Tongue would be 2 of my favorites - they're unusual but actually great.

Medium Rare Wagyu Zabuton and Rib Cap, accompanied by Beef Heart Tomato, Grilled Seasonal Mushroom and Crusted Mac & Cheese.
The main star of the dinner and it will never disappoint anyone at all. The fatty marbled meat is perfectly made and will satisfy your tongue. Not really a fan of Medium Rare steak but this gave a new wonderful perspective for that.
Another mention would be the Crusted Mac & Cheese - they up the game with the truffle oil in it and it made the Mac and Cheese to a whole new level

Eton Mess and Burnt Blue Cheese Cake.
an uncommon kind of desserts but loveable to the tongue.
Was intimidated by the Blue Cheese Cake at first but it's actually one of the best cheesecake you could get.

Special appreciation to Ash who provided a great recommendation and service to us throughout the dining experience.

Overall, 10/10 dining experience!