Have always passed by Hong Kong Dim Sum Shop at Fortune Centre during my weekday lunches when I work in office, but never actually given them a go despite being in that area for quite a while. Chanced upon their new outlet the other day along Liang Seah Street, situated just right before Beach Road and taking over the former premises of Cao Vietnamese Cuisine and thought that it was probably time to give them a try.

Perhaps one of the quirkiest name for a BBQ Pork Bun, the Rosey Wine Yummy BBQ Pork Bun is that sort of name which may suggest that they seem to have gotten a little carried away whilst coming up for the name of the dish. That being said, we felt that the Rosey Wine Yummy BBQ Pork Bun does live up to its name rather well — the bun was light and fluffy, but it’s the filling that is the catch; the savouriness of the oyster sauce used in the sauce comes with a slight sweetness which was pretty well-balanced. The bits of meat may be more finely chopped here; their variant being one which will appeal more to those who love their BBQ Pork Buns to carry more sauce — something which we were pretty fine with and quite liked their rendition for.

Having tried a variety of dim sum during our visit, we could say that there are both hits and misses here. Prices of certain items can be a little bit of a steep side, such as the Steamed Prawn Dumpling “Har Kau” at $6.20, though they do offer four pieces in a single serving rather than the usual three at other establishments — that’s something worth considering. That being said we did enjoy other items such as the Pan Fried Chives Dumpling and Deep-Fried Golden Custard Ball; their Authentic Stocking Milk Tea also being pretty thick and silky smooth, while the Longan Luo Han Guo Herbal Tea is pretty old-school and does remind me of my mum’s rendition quite a fair bit with a herbal finish as opposed to the sweetness that some other variants carry. A spot I would not mind visiting again, though probably going to be more selective on the items I am ordering the next time I am here.