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Pork belly was tender and nicely cooked without being dry. Howver, the dish got a bit jelat after a while as it was alot of sweet things on one plate - Apple chutney, pumpkin mash and sweet potato chips

Truffle Beef Burger | $25++
Prosciutto Wrapped Atlantic Halibut ($32++)
Truffle Fries ($14++)
Half Mexican Chicken Salad ($15++)
Fried Rice (&22)
Carbonara ($25++)
Pork Belly & Halibut
4⭐ Great food and nice ambience for gathering.
<🇩🇪> Mein Vorspeise
<🇬🇧> My Appetizer
🥗: Quinoa Salad (Half) - S$15++
📍: @themarmaladepantry @stayoasia Singapore
Seared Scallop And Prawn Linguine ($25)
Carbonara ($25)
Good Food And Ambience