While we didn’t get these hot out of the oven, they were still fluffy and soft. I couldn’t help squishing them many times just to watch them bounce back into shape.

The coconut filling was a little lopsided as my first three bites didn’t have any filling and I thought I bought a kosong bun. However, I soon realised that wasn’t the case. They are generous with the filling, and it isn’t too sweet. I love how sweet gula melaka juice slowly fills your mouth when you chew, and the grated coconut has a lovely texture too.

Overall I found that I preferred the red bean bun the most, followed by the curry bun, and then the coconut buns. That’s not to say they’re not good though! If you were born in Singapore in the 90s or earlier, these will definitely take you down memory lane to a time when traditional bakeries were much more common.

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