You might miss out on this stall as they sell a variety of bakes and pastries at the storefront, but what you should go for are their cutely shaped curry puffs ($1.40). The curry puff is best enjoyed when it is piping hot, straight out from the fryer, and the buttery crust is a blanket that wraps a generous portion of curried potato and chicken, with a sliced egg in it. The curried mixture is so moreish with a textural bite that you will keep going back for more. The spice level is manageable that will not be burning hot but more emphasis will be on the flavours.
✨ Fong’s Dee Special Chicken Curry Puff
📍 448 Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi 448 Food Centre, Unit 01-31, Singapore 120448
🍴 [Self-Funded]

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