We came to Dal Komm at Centrepoint for a quick treat and we were pleased to find that it was pretty empty for dinner on a weekday! This particular outlet is really large and has many, many seats so it is really a great place to have a conversation over coffee. 😁

We decided to try out the affogato because at $7.50, it was pretty affordable (and also one of the cheaper affogatos around). The dessert was served with a really big scoop of vanilla ice cream together with a shot of espresso. The vanilla ice cream was generous to the point where the espresso was not enough to cover/melt it completely. Hence, you definitely get to savour some vanilla ice cream on its own. 😁 The espresso was decently strong although it wasn't as powerful as some of the espressos served at other cafes!

Highly recommend the affogato at Dal Komm if you want both a drink and a dessert at the same time!