Only using the freshest eggs🥚 imported direct from Okinawa🇯🇵, @tamagoen_sg is a must-go for tamago lovers! Offering a pretty extensive menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice from savoury to sweet.

👉Ultimate Egg Rice w Negitoro - SGD8.80
👉5-kind Japanese Omelette Skewer - SGD8.80
Crab Meat, Cod Roe & Mayo, Salmon Flake & Ikura, Seaweed Paste, Tomato Sauce

After giving the rice bowl a good mix, every ingredient came together in a beautiful marriage of flavours. Whipping the egg white into a fluffy cloud-like☁️ texture didn’t turn out as gimmicky as it sounds, since it actually improved the overall mouthfeel😋. As for their tamagoyaki skewers, they were simply well-executed👍. Definitely a must-order when you’re here at @tamagoen_sg!