Kind Kones enters the buzzy basement of 1Mont Kiara as the mall — and Malaysia's — first ever vegan ice cream bar, and we are thrilled! The kiosk's small but peppy space fits 12, including four kids, not to mention a chiller housing 12 ice cream flavours. Made purely from almond, cashew or coconut milk sans dairy, each flavour carries a contrasting profile and texture. The nut-based ones tend to be chunkier with a lingering nutty taste while the coconut-based flavours are creamy, almost rich. Of the flavours we tested, we liked the French Vanilla Bean, Salted Choc Chip and Jackfruit most. They've also refrained from the use of synthetic additives and refined sugar, allowing for the genuine flavours of their fresh ingredients to shine through. At RM9.90 a scoop (RM11.80 for premium flavours), this clocks in as a solid sweet treat, guilt-free. Add RM1.90 for a crunchy vegan cone!
Avg price per person: RM15