The egomaniac in me always thinks I know the best (or at least better) makan spots, and the boyfriend usually agrees and defers to my opinion. I'm always a little skeptical on the rare occasion he suggests a dining spot less heard off; but more often than not I'm happily proved wrong.

Jacob's been one of our favourites since he first took me. Stunning hearty European fare: from stews, sausages, to the best pork knuckle I've had both in and out of Singapore. It's comfort food at it's best, and even better cause not many've heard of it! It's THE place to go when we're not having the best of days, when I don't really wanna use my brains, or when we want some time to ourselves. Good stuffs are meant to be shared so here goes; but fingers crossed it'll still be as homely, as personal, many years down the road. #EatBurpLove

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