Came here for a weekday lunch because it is near-impossible to find a seat for lunch on weekends! The stall is famous for their yellowish chicken rice, which is really fragrant, and surprisingly not as greasy as it looks! We got the half chicken set, which comes with a good mix of fat and lean pieces. We were surprised that the chicken meat was not really boneless as the stall's name suggested, so perhaps that needs to be requested for when placing your order. The fried garlic on top of the chicken was awesome to complement the chicken meat, although the gravy might be a little on the saltier end.

The set was also good value for money, as it also came with achar, which is a pretty unique appetizer for chicken rice. In addition, you get a big bowl of lotus root soup, although it can be a little too salty to end your meal with, and we thought the stall's cabbage soup (served when we went previously) was much nicer.