The addition of Alchemy Fibre into the cooking process helps to lower the glycemic index of white rice and provides 10x more fibre, without compromising on the taste, texture or appearance while making the carbohydrates healthier.

Famed for their sushi rolls, bowls and DIY options, what I had from WOOSHI were the MYO Roll whereby you will have the freedom to get creative with your rice, main, fillers, toppings, and sauce options. As you would read by now, Alchemy Fibre was added into the Japanese rice and I did not taste or felt anything different from the normal rice. What is assuring that I can still enjoy my carbohydrates while eating it healthily. Besides the sushi rolls, WOOSHI has a variety of sushi bowls and pictured is the Bangkok Betty which comes with thick cuts of lemongrass chicken over a bed of warm sweet potato noodles with sides of cherry tomatoes, tamago, bell peppers and a Thai chilli sauce.
📍 227 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, Unit 01-02, Singapore 238858
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