Saw a few posting this online and after seeing the words "butter" and "garlic" I knew I had to make a visit — after all, which coffeeshop stall serves their steak with a knob of butter like them? The cut of the ribeye steak wasn't the best, but it's notable how they have done it to medium-rare as specified with a pinkish interior and maintained juiciness with the meat. The sides don't look like much, but they were pretty decent overall; fries were crisp and the nibs of corn were actually subtly sweet and the coleslaw was alright — no choices of sides here for the sides are already preset. The Garlic Merlot Butter was indeed da bomb here tho — sinfully buttery yet carrying a pungent garlicky flavour for there were chunks of garlic within (which I love!); slather the butter above the various parts of the meat or just simply wait for it to melted enjoy with the steak to get the full-on flavour — kinda artery-clogging but totally worth it.

Where's this place at?
Opposite Serangoon Stadium; the coffeeshop beside Kooks Creamery/Cafe Plain Jane 😊
Xing Wei Chua awesome, thanks! 🙏🏻
Russell Leong my pleasure!