This is another gem of a traditional bakery that’s a dying breed in Singapore. All the breads are baked the traditional way, and it shows from how fresh and soft they are.

The loaves are already sliced for you, but you can choose to add on some spreads for an additional cost. The flower bun was exceptional with the homemade Kaya and peanut butter, as the bread was unbelievably soft. Sorry Ya Kun, I love your steamed Kaya peanut bread, but I’d eat this any day even without steaming because the bread is just crazy soft. I liked the contrast of the ultra soft white bread against the chewy crust exterior. Plus the spreads are so good, they’re not too sweet, and they’re so gooey that they spread even easier than butter. Be warned that the spreads might even leak onto your clothes!

Jie Bakery is open till late, and chances are you can still grab some of these loaves, but you may not see other buns with ingredients left. Also, the Chinese lady who was working there at 9.30pm was pretty rude so don’t expect good service. Still worth the trip down no matter what because of how good the bread is!