As a picky gymrat, I have a long list of restaurants that I would never go back and eat, but Dumplings Darlins is not and will never be among that list.

Let’s start with the Noodles, they are just the right texture, more importantly the hold onto that lovely braised pork sauce like its life depended on it. Next, that braised pork and the sauce, the pork does not come in chunks, it comes shredded (RIP zyzz). Normally pulled pork or any meat would come out dry and stringy, but not this one because of the savory sauce. What can I say about the eggs they are great thats just because I like eggs.

Moving on to the dumplings, starting with the original, the ratio of filling to skin is perfect. Personally, its a very average dumpling that I would not order again, because its average not because its not nice!!! The duck dumplings though, normally duck is not an easy protein because of its gaminess and texture, but the flavour of their duck was richer than Scrooge Mcduck combined with that takoyaki sauce and a slight mushroom flavour at the end.

FRIED PEROGI DUMPLINGS, I have to leave a whole paragraph for that. I have never had a dish in my life at restaurants that I would go crazy and be excited to eat again, but this perogi changed my experience. The smooth creamy potato filling, and that well flavoured, not-too-salty bacon bits, drove me through a whole new experience. With that pink spicy sauce which I do not suggest eating alone cause it tastes like cheap nacho cheese, but when combined with that wonderful perogi, it was like the perfect touch, cherry on top of that cake.

Macro wise, not very friendly, protein to carbs ratio is just nice nothing much to complain about. The overall taste experience, everything to compliment about. Overall rating, I can never execute a dish like this at home out of HAKATA RAMEN.