Wasn't really interested in trying the new softest cream bun series from Paris Baguette until this bun came out! I LOOOOVE peanut butter so I caved and decided to try this out. I tried it both cold and toasted.

The stand out of this bun is definitely that peanut cream because OMG it's soft, light and it doesn't have that thick creamy mouthfeel that I dislike! The peanut taste is light and sweet with crunchy sugar bits in it, and has a slight saltiness to it that elevates the peanut butter flavour. SO GOOOD. When toasted, the cream becomes more flowy. I actually think that I prefer it without toasting because of the light and soft texture of the cream and the bread!

The bread is kinda average tbh, it tastes like regular supermarket bread. The peanut cream definitely takes it to the next level.

Despite loving the cream, I honestly still find it kinda overpriced cuz it's a pretty simple bun but I'm glad I tried it!

⭐ Rating: 8.6/10 cream of peanut soups
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: not at the og price
💍 would I marry: yes