Located on level 3 of Fortune Center, what gives the restaurant away is the many tables outside the actual restaurant and crowd that has congregated at the entrance. Around 7pm, there was already a waiting list so I suggest you make a reservation beforehand. Environment was ok, I was definitely expecting a more Izakaya vibe though. Service was initially not bad but the male server seemed a little hostile especially when we mentioned we were missing some skewers? But oh well people have their days I guess.

We ordered a ton of food: from yakitori, Don, fried food to grilled fish. The reviews seemed to speak very highly (like 4.8 star rating on Google reviews high) of this place, but we thought it was probably worth a 3.5-4 star? A few dishes worth mentioning were the succulent chicken gizzard, salmon mentai and unagi don and shime saba (vinegared mackerel). I think the rest such as skewers were generally slightly above average, but not worth a 4.8.

Our meal came up to $170+ for 3-4 people which was quite pricey in our opinion. Too bad we didn’t get to use the Burpple 1 for 1 deal (we ate on an eve of PH), and I wouldn’t come back without it.