I have always been a fan of boat noodle ever since I heard abt it. The soup is so light & it defo brings warmth to your heart & soul.
Ordered the pork one while he ordered the beef (Cus I rarely eat beef.... he did mention the beef soup is a lot btr tho) & I thought it was okayyyyyy, soup was light & sweet, portion was good. Nth spectacular but still a really good bowl of noodle.
Shrimp fritters ($8.80) - we enjoyed this a lot!! The prawns are succulent, sweet, bouncy oOoOooO
Thai Green Milk Tea ($3.50) - typical drink u can get at pasar malam for $1.50 but a Thai meal is never completed w/o some milk tea hehe
Bandung ($3.50) - I tried it & my first instinct was “omg... this is so great, so milky” until he said it tasted exactly like HL strawberry milk...... which I agree after awhile..... so idk la try it for urself HAHAHA I was pretty mind blown