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Aaaaaah...Creamier never disappoints. I had to try their Little White Rabbit ice cream, and took it as an excuse to order their famous waffles 🙃, which were just as delicious as I remember. My dining partner selected the honey lemon yuzu sorbet as his choice of waffle topping, coming up to $14.20 for this huge stack of deliciousness.

Made to order, the waffles were definitely the highlight of the dessert. They were warm, fluffy and thick with a crispy crunch, and provided the perfect contrast with the ice cream. They were served with a drizzle of chocolate and maple syrup. I always applaud Creamier for their consistency, churning out delicious waffles every time despite the long queue of orders.

The Little White Rabbit was so adorable, with a little piece of rice paper stuck on top for a complete effect. Consuming the rich, milky ice cream with the rice paper was the ultimate sense of nostalgia. I do wish the white rabbit candy taste could be stronger, however I do appreciate the fact that it wasn't too sweet.

The al fresco seating area is cosy and warm, and the cafe is comfortably decorated with efficient yet friendly staff. Creamier is definitely my favorite place for one of my favorite desserts of all time. :)