Fu Ji's competition is Seng Heng Hainanese Boneless Chick-yeah, I'm just gonna call it Seng Heng. Both stalls pride themselves on steamed chicken rice, so you know the rivalry runs deep.

Both of them are roughly on par with the quality of their poultry in terms of tenderness and tastiness, so there has to be something to break the deadlock. That something is the all important yet oft overlooked rice, which is Seng Heng's ace up its sleeve.

It was tastier than Fu Ji's rice, which was heavier, richer, and less flavorful, while Seng Heng's was lighter (albeit somewhat harder, although that is easily rectified by generous splashes of soup onto the rice), had less fat from the chicken within, and every grain was packed full of flavor.

Now, it's up to you folks to decide which stall is the ultimate victor of this vicious chicken rice war.