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Chanced upon a hidden gem near my neighbourhood, and I'm glad that it's within 10mins walking distance from our new place.

Named after a town that is located within Perak, Malaysia, Anson Town Bistro serves authentic Malaysia Cuisine that's cheap and good. We had the Fried Chicken Chop Nasi Lemak ($5), which was satisfying and the portion was generous.

They are also known for their chee cheong fun, where unlike the typical ones you have with shrimps and wet sauce, theirs is served dry and with green chilli at the side. We tried the Anson's special ($4), which is the signature item here, with turnip fillings on the soft rice rolls. It's quite appetising, and we would definitely be back to try the other items in the menu such as their Curry CCF served with pig skin, beancurd skin etc, and their Mee rebus and Asam Laksa.

I can predict this is gonna be a regular place for my weekends brunch. Come visit me at my new place and I might bring you here. Having breakfast here certainly reminds me of the breakfast I had in Ipoh.

Oh ya, you can also find freshly baked traditional chinese pastries here as well, such as Heong Peng.