Meepok was mixed well, not clumpy at all! I asked for vinegar, no chilli / tomato sauce. Although I’ve had noodles which were more qq, this was still p satisfying and had a good bite. The sauce was yummy too! Also they are very generous with the ingredients. Fishballs (which were larger than average) are probably factory made but they got a good supplier - this was bouncy and quite tasty. Mushrooms were decent, not as “braised” & flavourful as I expected, but still fine as it wasn’t salty. Fishcakes were p standard, minced meat was alright too. Herkiao is probably frozen and not the best, but nice of them to include it. Overall a rather satisfying bowl of noodles - ingredients are not fantastic but each component comes together nicely, I would come back again! The auntie is friendly too :)

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