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I love pancakes, waffles, bread and all things carb. Imagine my delight when I first read about Pancake Boss as I searched for good Min Jiang Kuehs in Singapore. Tucked away in the 4th level of Bugis Cube, Pancake Boss is as hidden a gem as you can get. Its location is certainly not ideal as it fronts many hair and nail salons - causing a bombardment of chemical smells while you’re sitting in the cozy eatery. However, it is quiet and a nice spot to enjoy a sweet treat with friends or family. I love the decor of the place, and the owner clearly has a thing for Batman. Service isn’t particular great, we stood at the cashier counter for a pretty long time studying the menu before a lady appeared behind the curtains to take our order, but I guess business is pretty slow on Saturdays so they’re quite chill.

We settled on the Green Joker for today which comes with matcha pancake, matcha kit kat and murtabak cheese. The martabaks are made to order, so the wait was rather long. We sat and waited for about 15 minutes before our pancake was served (they do have a number that you can call to preorder so you don’t have to wait though - might choose to do that next time). When the dish arrived, the martabak skin was delightfully crispy, with a generous layer of martabak cheese in between. The matcha taste in the pancake wasn’t particularly strong, but it was fragrant and went well with the matcha kit kat melted into the pancake and cheese. The Green Joker was a perfect blend of sweet and savoury, as the cheese balanced out the sweetness of the kit kat. We shared this martabak between two people but already started to feel ‘jelak’ by the last two pieces. I can’t fathom finishing this on my own even as a full meal so I would definitely recommend sharing! Also, do eat this fast as the longer you take, the more the skin starts to soak up the butter at the base of the plate and become soggy. Didn’t enjoy the last two pieces much because they were dripping butter and no longer crisp, so eat quickly!