We decided to get something different at Populus today and we thought of trying the Truffle Wagyu Beef rice bowl! Our first thought when the dish came was - it looks so healthy! Indeed, this is arguably one of the healthiest items on the menu, and the dish did not feel greasy at all! The mainstay of the dish would be the seared slices of beef, and it was accompanied by purple cabbage, ginger, finely-sliced cucumber and a ramen egg! The beef was prepared pretty well and it was not overcooked although we felt that the meat was a little too lean.

However, we felt that the dish was a little too tasteless, because even though it was topped with onion and apple sauce, the amount of sauce was pretty little and it was distributed quite unevenly. Hence, for the most part of the dish, there wasn't much taste to it. Perhaps we should have mixed the dish before starting our meal, instead of trying to maintain the arrangement of the stuff in the bowl as we eat? 😁

At $24++, it was a pretty standard price for a beef bowl. However, do note that Populus is pretty popular so you should probably make a reservation before dining here!